Giant Game Hire  

Ball in the Bucket


Connect 4 (4 in a row)

Players take turns to drop a disk down a chute, the aim being for a player to get four disks in a row, diagonally, horizontally or vertically.

Four in a Row takes seconds to learn but is good fun and the giant Connect 4 games make a fantastic centrepiece for a party, wedding or any event.


Giant Jenga

Take the addictive building game outside with this giant Jenga game, suitable for all the family and ideal for the garden.


Giant Tin Can Alley

Garden Games Tin Can Alley features 10 x individually numbered red tin cans with white numerals. Stack them up and see if you can knock ’em all down in one throw.

A great game for the family to enjoy in the garden or indoors.



Invented in the mid-19th Century, Croquet is a traditional English garden sport enjoyed over the world due to its simplicity.  Whilst there are a few different variations on the rules, the basic game is simple: use the mallets to hit the wooden balls through the hoops. At Sunshine Events, we tend to favour ‘Garden Croquet’

Three hoops are laid at each end of the playing field, with a peg in the centre. Teams will need to take turns to hit their balls (each team gets two) through a circuit of all 6 hoops and then back again before the other team. If, during play, you hit another player’s ball, you can perform the classic ‘croquet stroke’ where you hit both balls together, hopefully sending your opponent’s ball into a difficult position and your own into a much better one. Once you completed the circuit in both directions, hit the centre peg (with both your balls) to win! 


Giant Buzz wire

Buzz wire game hire you choose, you’ll enjoy the same mix of fun and frustration as you try to hold your nerve and hold your hand still. It’s so simple yet so easy to get wrong, you’ll find players coming back time and time again, determined to beat the buzzer!

Giant Space hoppers

Space hoppers are a great memory from many people's childhood. Racing around on the bouncy fun hoppers is always a great laugh.

We take child sized hoppers and blow them up to adult proportions, making them into an exciting and fun party game.This game is a great ice breaker!

Limbo game

How low can you go?

Your guests will have hours of fun with this Limbo set

Fully adjustable to suit any ability

Suitable for adults and children


Ring Toss


9 Hole Crazy Golf

Plus loads more games are available